Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beyond Photoshop On Sale Now!

Well, here it is! Beyond Photoshop is available right now. Writing this book was long haul, but I am very very pleased with the results. So, if you're ambitious enough to try combining Photoshop with some of the greatest software on the planet, you might want to check it out. You can visit the Beyond Photoshop website now for purchase options, a reader forum, sneak peeks into the content of the book and more.


Larry said...

Derek, I know you use Photoshop and Painter together. I am wondering if the new painting and selection capabilities of Photoshop CS5 will compel you to come out with a Creative Photoshop book for CS5. Do you have one in the works?

Larry Moffitt

jbd said...

Your book is so inspiring ... I learn a lot while reading it, and I develop even more my sense of aesthetics.

Great work !!!