Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beyond Photoshop cover model interviewed

Josie Lee has appeared on the inside pages, and on the covers of my last three books. This includes both editions of Creative Photoshop, as well as Beyond Photoshop, which is set for release this June. She is so versatile and great to work with that hiring a different model is never a consideration. Here is an interview clip with her from a recent appearance at the Wizard World convention in Toronto. In it you can hear her discuss the project and you can also catch a glimpse of her without tentacles coming out of her face.


Jay Decator said...

She's way cuter than Jim. At least for modeling!

MrSteveC said...

I have a feeling this will go unread but I was wondering why Beyond Photoshop was to be released on July 9, 2010 and today is July 16 and Amazon has it listed as not yet released. Just wondering.

Derek said...

@MrSteveC: There were some delays which began with me taking longer to write it. It is on sale now. I hope you find it worth the wait and I am sorry it has taken so long.