Monday, November 16, 2009

Here comes another one

Finally, I finished the illustration for not only another chapter, but also to be featured on the cover of the upcoming book. This chapter will explore the nearly limitless possibilities of working with Photoshop alongside Cinema 4D. It was a hell of a learning experience but wow, Cinema 4D is powerful and versatile...and it plays well with Photoshop too.


Cedrick said...

Even if CINEMA 4D isn't often used in cinema (!) industry we have to recognize that it's a very versatile tool! And its combination with PHOTOSHOP, and moreover AFTER EFFECTS makes him the best 3D tool to learn VFX and maybe to progress toward more powerful (and complicated) 3D software such as MAYA..

Cedrick said...

Woow..!! When will this book be available ??? Damn!!

Derek said...

Should be available in May 2010

Benjamnin Cramp said...

Have the book 'Beyond Photoshop' and now need the project files but have no success with the website

How can I get hold of these files?

Edward Sim said...

Hi Derek,

I got your book Creative Photoshop CS4, Digital Illustration and Art Techniques, it was a challenging book to learn photoshop, but I could not download the files as mentioned in the

I need your help, where could I find those files in your book for my exercise ?.
Thanks for your support.

Best regards,

Edward Sim

John Gomez said...

hello Derek
i just bought the book creative photoshop cs4 but i am having trouble finding the work along files at it just leads to a menu for chinise food?