Friday, September 4, 2009

Another illustration resolved

Okay, this time it is 10:24 pm. The time of this post is eerily similar to the time of my last post on August 27th. However, this time I am not drinking coffee, but am halfway though a generous helping of Bowmore single-malt scotch. I just finished writing another chapter for the next book and am really psyched about this illustration. It will open a chapter on how to use Photoshop and Illustrator together. In addition to an extensive amount of Photoshop workflow tips, it will explore Illustrator's Pathfinder functions and use Live Trace in a manner that doesn't suck.


Jay Decator said...

I prefer Ardbeg myself, but then again I drink it with a cube or 2 of ice so what do I know? Anyway cool illustration!

Derek said...

Jay, please don't ever do that again. Sacrilege.

cica fittipaldi said...

I really apreciate to see that illustration in final art state because I could follow his creative process at Computer Art Design Show in São Paulo, Brasil.

Debbi_in_California said...

I've been a fan of yours since "New Masters of Photoshop". In Barnes and Noble yesterday and purchased "Creative Photoshop CS4".

Today on amazon I see a pre-sale of "Beyond Photoshop- Advanced Techniques". I have been looking for something on Poser and most of the books out there are so advanced. I hope yours shows an easy merge of the two programs. I'm totally in love with CS4.
I just found your blog too!
Great stuff!

Derek said...

Hi Cica,

Huge thanks for that book you gave me and thanks for being part of such a wonderful experience in Brazil. I am wishing I had a plan to come back again sometime. in another life perhaps...

Hey Debbi,

Wow, New Masters of Photoshop was a long long time ago. I am so glad you still remember me and my work and I hope you like Creative Photoshop. It is the book I always wanted to have as a Photoshop enthusiast. I am actually still finishing up Beyond Photoshop as we speak and don't worry, it will indeed be an easy merge between the programs. I am no Poser guru, but i can get some pretty cool stuff happening that works well inside of Photoshop. I think you'll like it.


陳珊妮sammi said...
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