Friday, August 22, 2008

Discover this!

On July 10th I posted the original sketch that was used as the basis for this Illustration. The finished art, with the exception of some flipping and rotating, is true to the original drawing. This piece was commissioned as the cover for the September issue of Discover magazine. Below is a low-res version of the illustration as it was used in the cover layout. I thought it turned out well. Sometimes I get quite attached to an image when I spend countless hours on it, so it is nice to see it land in a nicely designed layout. I especially like the way the lettering is intertwined with the DNA strand at the top.

Illustration is a solitary profession, and in our insular worlds, we illustrators are often guilty of thinking we know everything. Hence our aversion to client requested alterations. Experience has taught me that an objective observer can recommend something that you'd never think of, improving an illustration in ways you would have never considered on your own.

Below is the illustration shown before and after a minor revision. What isn't minor however, is the impact a bit of colour can add to the composition. Originally, it was like the version at the left, very monochromatic with the focus being on the fetus. The client feedback was that although they liked it, the primary focus needed to be on the DNA strand. We decided to add some colour to the DNA strand and I was amazed at how much of a difference it made. A massive improvement, and I wouldn't have considered it on my own.