Thursday, July 12, 2007

Underground Art!

It was twenty years ago that I was 17 and deep into my 80s punk phase. As a mohawk sporting teen I was heavily into Black Flag. They were one of the greatest bands around and I absolutely loved the artwork on their album covers. Unique illustrations with disturbing and thought provoking captions decorated the cover for each slab of vinyl. The man who did all of the drawing was the almighty Raymond Pettibon. I still remember the day my mother saw the Slip it in album cover for the first wasn't pretty.

Anyway, these days I still love Black Flag, and Raymond Pettibon too. So right now I'd like to encourage all of you to go out and pick up the latest issue of Computer Arts Projects. It is the Underground Art issue and profiles some amazing artists, including Raymond Pettibon, Ralph Steadman, and Gilbert Sheldon. There's a really cool history of the underground press and lots of info regarding the evolution of zines. Yours truly wrote a couple of tutorials and I gotta say that I'm a bit star-struck to be in the same mag as Pettibon. Get one before it sells out!

Check out some of almighty Ray's finest Flag covers:

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