Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A free video tutorial

This image, which also appeared in the Computer Arts Book of Inspiration, is the subject of a Photoshop tutorial I created for a recent edition of The Graphic Exchange. There's a brief article, but what you'll really want to check out is the video portion of the rich pdf. Download it and you'll learn every step involved in the creative process. It's free!

Get it here.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Storm Clouds

At the end of September we took a trip to Manhattan to see Jeff Soto's Storm Clouds exhibit at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. The girl who worked there was cool enough to let me take a few quick digital photos. Unfortunately, they didn't work out very well. I just had a point-and-shoot with me and had to snap everything on an angle because the flash reflected in the surface varnish of each piece. Anyway, that's my excuse for why this shot is on such a terrible angle.

My bad photography aside, it was an amazing thing to behold. His work is epic and he is changing in terms of subject and execution while remaining true to his awesome "Soto-ness". I left there feeling immensely inspired and wishing I had an extra sixteen grand to buy one of his paintings.

The exhibit is now down, but you can check out some quality photos of the work on Jeff's blog and at the Jonathan Levine Galley site, links are below. And finally, for those of you who are as fanatical about his work as I am, you'll be happy to know that Jeff is working with Murphy Design to create another book of his paintings. It will hopefully be out sometime next summer.

Jeff Soto's Blog
Jonathan Levine Gallery

Monday, September 3, 2007

Alex Pardee gave me a nightmare!

I picked up issue #79 of Juxtapoz because the cover painting by Alex Pardee caught my attention. If you're lucky enough to get you hands on a copy, you can read an interview with him and see some of his fantastic new paintings. His work is entirely original, whimsical, and disturbing all at the same time.

I didn't realize how disturbing it was until I had a nightmare that contained some scary and horrible things lifted from one of his paintings. I am serious when I say that he is the first artist to give me a nightmare. He's THAT good!

Check out more of his work at Eyesuckink

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Charlotte sees her shadow

A few weeks back, our daughter Charlotte saw her shadow for the first time. I can't begin to describe how cool it is to see a small being exploring and experiencing everything for the first time. The day she walked into a beam of light in the kitchen and noticed her shadow appear it was like something magical happened. She saw her shadow on the floor and she froze, then she walked backwards until her shadow was gone, then she walked forward again until it reappeared. Then she backed up again and repeated the process until it made her giggle. It was a morning I'll never forget.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Two good things arrived in the mail

Okay, I love getting cool stuff in the mail, and a few days ago I hit the jackpot. As many of you know, I wrote a book over the course of the winter and it was massively rewarding to get a box of advance copies in the mail. There they were, waiting for me on the porch. There were times when I was writing and illustrating the book that I thought I'd never finish. But now, here it is in my hands. The whole thing came together great and looks amazing, hooray!

Perhaps just as cool was my copy of the new Jeff Soto Lucky 13 calendar. I don't know how he does it, but his art constantly fills me with awe. Everything that comes out of that guy is just so amazingly epic and completely original. I wish I had a fraction of his talent. Anyway, here's a few images of the cool calendar/mini-magazine package.

It was put together by Mark Murphy at Murphy Design who puts together extraordinary books of art by some of the finest living artists.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Underground Art!

It was twenty years ago that I was 17 and deep into my 80s punk phase. As a mohawk sporting teen I was heavily into Black Flag. They were one of the greatest bands around and I absolutely loved the artwork on their album covers. Unique illustrations with disturbing and thought provoking captions decorated the cover for each slab of vinyl. The man who did all of the drawing was the almighty Raymond Pettibon. I still remember the day my mother saw the Slip it in album cover for the first wasn't pretty.

Anyway, these days I still love Black Flag, and Raymond Pettibon too. So right now I'd like to encourage all of you to go out and pick up the latest issue of Computer Arts Projects. It is the Underground Art issue and profiles some amazing artists, including Raymond Pettibon, Ralph Steadman, and Gilbert Sheldon. There's a really cool history of the underground press and lots of info regarding the evolution of zines. Yours truly wrote a couple of tutorials and I gotta say that I'm a bit star-struck to be in the same mag as Pettibon. Get one before it sells out!

Check out some of almighty Ray's finest Flag covers: